Full stack, and then we drill down to the hardware!

This is an overview of the areas where we can help you

Feel free to browse around to get more details about each of them. Contact us, we’ve worked on many different projects and have the credentials to boot.


Maybe you already have a software developement team, or maybe a prototype holding on for dear life in a corner of someone desk. Leave it to us to integrate it’s component together.


From small custom mobile application to top-tier CAD systems we’ve seen it all. Tell us about your project, we surely have credentials that match to show. 

Project coordination

Developing a digital product is a hard and complex task. We can help you coordinate the different teams from idea/prototyping to production.

About You

You are a small to medium size business with an emerging idea for a product.

You are any size of corporation that need to coordinate software and/or hardware development teams to deliver any kind of product.

You’re at the planning stage of a project and you want council.


Everyone is different

Maybe you did not entirery recognize youself here, of course we cannot covert everything here. If you have a software and/or hardware project contact us and we will see if we can help, if we cannot we will be honest and tell you. We also have relationship with other firms that we could put you in contact with.