Of course you want to know about us!

What's with the name?

Derived from the french word “Limitrophe” which means : At the border or limit of a region. That shares common borders.

We wanted our name to emphasize that we can help you through those digital and physical world borders. 

Our logo represents routes on a PCB. This is the first step in getting data from the physical to the digital world through sensors and micro-controller.

The migration of the data involved many other steps. We then need to get it in the cloud using various means. Once there, it can be stored in databases or other means. But you still need to add business value to it, because collecting data on a “because we can” basis has more to do with hording that with business.

*Are you looking for us in the quebec enterprise registry, look into RA7 Developpement et Integration Digitale Inc.
We are in the process of updating our name.

Our Values

Transparent integrity
There is no value in lying to you. But why transparent? Because telling the truth when it's convenient is not enough, we strive to let you know as much information as possible as soon as possible. This is why you will find information on our website that other consultancy firm tend to keep confidential.
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Everything we do we put our heart into it. When we're part of a project you can expect us to be part of the team and implicate ourself into the day to day. We will contribute our ideas for improvement, If you are closed to our ideas there will be friction.
We like to think of ourself as efficient rather than cheap. We know that developping a product is expensive. We will do everything we can do upstream to save you money without compromising the quality and your values. After all our name is on it to, and we want to be proud of what we deliver to you.
We are open to new technologies and innovation. Contrary to certain vendor we won't insist and force you into our ecosystem. We will work with you to find the best technology available and support your choice.

When all you have is an hammer everything you see is a nail.
- Some guy
Our strenght reside not in the fact that we are seasoned expert in one domain but that we are highly skilled in a variety of subject. We belive in having our people broden their horizontal knowledge while still poursuing some of them more deaply.
This gives us a unique point of view and enable us to see obstacle from earlier on in the project.


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